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Dej Loaf - Try Me Official Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: jeezy]
my eastside n-ggas, my [?] n-ggas, my pa n-ggas
got shooters on the westside and the southwest
ask 'em what the target is, they say it's yo' chest n-gga

[hook: dej loaf] (x2)
let a n-gga try me, try me
i'mma get his whole mothaf-ckin' family
and i ain't playin' with n0body
f-ck around and i'mma catch a body

[verse 1: jeezy]
let a n-gga try me, try me
i'mma have this muhf-cka singin' like a hostage
if i ever took two slugs to the body
just promise me you'll put some avion in my iv
what you know about that broad day in the morning?
n-gga come and split ya melon, n-gga, while you yawnin'
make a pretzel out ya auntie house just to get yo' cuz' n-gga
got mine off the stove, i ain't f-ckin' wit' no oven n-gga
i was raised in the field, i ain't got no chill
still ridin' wit' that -cl1ck- like i ain't got no deal
i'm in love with the coco, [?]
see this why i told my wrist, these b-tches watch it like it's p-rno
from where they finger f-ck that f&h just like it's a freaky b-tch
12 watchin' surveillance tape just like it's a freaky fl1ck
where we at, they count they money, now tommy in the club
told my n-gga “grab them choppers n-gga don't forget ya glove”


[verse 2: dej loaf]
tommys, macks and choppers bring that b-tch up out him
shoes cost a fortune, so watch where you walking
while she be gettin' fly, b-tch i do this often
we be cuttin' up in traffic but we often dolphins
leave a n-gga swimmin', have yo' funeral in that ocean
they say “dej got the juice”, yeah i got that potion, whoa
and i keep that nine on me so play crazy, it's fine with me
choppers scream, you go down on me, whoh
i'll get her on my song, i was just like “free remy”
all these b-tches throwin' shots, come get you some free henny, eh
whoa, where she find that? she ain't signed yet
she ain't competing with these hoes, it ain't no contest


[verse 3: t.i.]
just let a n-gga try me, bet i'll be
wit' a school bus full of muhf-ckas ridin'
wit' extended magazines on 'em right beside me
fully automatic cami but it ain't gon' hide me
but i promise i'll be d-mned i let a n-gga rob me
i'd die myself to see y'all dead, i'm a kamikaze
but i'm stylin' and r-t-rded, get ya car hit, yeah
gon' let a broad get ya and ya bodyguard hit
yeah, cause won't be nothin' to talk about
no use in calling all these people askin' how to squash it now
aye, you violate, we demonstrate
n-gga hustle gang over everything
i ain't like them n-ggas anyway
aye, they bankroll is my dinner plate
see a f-ck n-gga on the interstate
i'll fire his -ss up then get away
and full circle, yeah my patience may be tarnished
but my chopper and my g-code, they stay polished
so just let a n-gga


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