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Dej Loaf - Problem MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro dej loaf & gt]
i'm in the studio i'll call you back
uh, uh
let's get it talk to 'em
dej loaf, w-ssup oba
aye, woah, woah, woah

[verse 1 dej loaf]
i know what the problem is
i'll find out where yo momma live and buy the crib
i don't got no kids, i'm seedless
baby you thirsty, you t–thin'
my brother, he come home, in another week
i been gettin' money, i ain't been gettin' no sleep
i been a g, my grandma told me that talk is cheap
so don't talk to me p-ssy, open up yo mouth you gotta talk to this p-ssy
i be gone off that henn, might just off me a p-ssy
so wet, i make them gargle this p-ssy
free my granddad and all my cousins
tell all of my n-ggas, that i love 'em
momma no more strugglin'
we about to sh-t, on all these b-tches and they daughters
i'm talkin' big b's and rarri's
i'm in the impala with oba watchin' martin
am i friendly? no, not hardly
n-ggas talkin' crazy don't know sh-t about me

[verse 2 gt]
one time for the brick man
two times for the lean man
got me sittin' like a bike on a kick stand
everybody keep dough round me
everybody love dej loaf round me
down in la with a freak
she say she that i'm lucky she don't f-ck for free
i told her she stuck up, i say shut the f-ck up
so sit back relax and roll up a tree
my, my young n-gga 16
ridin' round with beams, chewin' on beans
send beans ot i ain't gotta leave
do everything just to get that cheese
you ain't know a n-gga was a drug dealer
you ain't the rap n-gga, was a trap n-gga
hustle hard you a come around stacks n-gga
got everything you need, pull back n-gga
all of the dealer i know
keep bright ice, fast whips, off snow
know a couple n-ggas that wealthy off blow
talk lowkey you'ont even gotta know
aye, i know n-ggas that never f-ck with the scams they only know grams
you n-ggas on the gram don't know the half
why come back? you can get it while you can

[oba rowland]
lil newbie and cuzzo henry
sh-t got me stressin'
by the time they get out, the world might look like the jetson
i'm so 100, somebody remind me my name is not benjamin [x3]
i'm so 100, remind what the f-ck a 50 is

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