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Dej Loaf - We Good MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
they say, “dej why you ain't drop yet?
where your new sh-t? who you down with?
what's sell sole mean?”, it mean i'm out here
pay me a check or i can't show up to your soundcheck
all these goofy -ss rappers on that clown sh-t
on your fifth mixtape and ain't n0body heard sh-t
maybe you boys should slow it down
i think smart, my sh-t comin', it's goin' down
can't beat us, you n-ggas better join us now
best believe i got these rappers disappointed now
all these b-tches turnt up, i'm finna turn 'em down
tell 'em that i'm back and i still got my f-ckin' crown
we don't rap beef, we really clap heat
put the tip to your lips, that's a black and mild
f-ck these hipsters and their f-ckin' style
i'd rather wear my own sh-t, f-ck a hand-me-down
and f-ck all of these fake lean sippers
above dreams, these n-ggas ain't seen different
they played the wrong roles, now my scene different
i'm a dog with this sh-t and these fleas itchin'
used to do sh-t for free, now the fee is different
cause i done came up, now i need interest
i said f-ck tryna please, n-gga
i'm like please, n-gga, shout out to my team, n-gga

i said we good over here
i said we good over here, i swear, i swear, i swear
i said we good over here
i said we good over here, i swear, i swear, i swear

[verse 2]
i'm just tryna stack these ten bars
where the f-ck these labels at? they shoulda been called
i be goin' off the handle
n-gga think he hard, i'ma tell him pull his pants down
i'm on hold with interscope
let me cl1ck over for def jam
if they ain't talkin' a couple mil'
then they can just forget it, fam
cause i be spittin' crack, make a rap b-tch snort a line
in the studio, you ain't got a hit, you wastin' time
most of these rappers fake, they was lame before they made a song
i've been the sh-t, and that's word to my f-ckin' mom
new scarf on my head, n-ggas thinkin' i'm a crip
and my blood got on blood, we on some gangsta sh-t
born to get money and i'm too legit to quit
no handouts, n-gga, i'ma get it how i live


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