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Dej Loaf - Just Do It MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

let's do this sh-t, man
one time
this beat crazy, right? yeah, yeah
y'all know i live a crazy life
one time
nike life living
stop with the pictures
but no matter where you're going you gotta stop for the pictures
they're my number one fans
so they stop like they with us
but they ain't really with us
but they cool they wanna kick it
retro-fy greats watch me will smith 'em
watch me right here
or watch me from a distance
fresh out of the box black socks
you don't sniff em
keep your mind out the gutter cuz my head in the hilton's
resorts and islands
more and more b-tches
chill and max up like order those b-tches
my people wanna see me so order more tickets
they all wanna be me but i'm sorta so different
please download my songs
everybody listen
everybody out your seats
don't move off your pivots
i'm travelin' so no more doing dishes
no more bein lonely i got fans in attendance
let's get it
(yeah yeah)
this beat's crazy right? (yeah yeah)
y'all know i live a crazy life (yeah)
one time
i just wanna' chill with spike lee so if you ever see him tell him that i wanna meet him
lay under the sun drink lemon ice tea
you might be the one, two three
nike's on the ground, clowns coulda' fooled me
go to nike town shut it down every week i'm in nyc
get get get like me blowin kisses to boyfriends
and those with the rings
look, i'm like yo son
language so queens
low cut blacks
they match with the strings
walk around in his shorts
we on the same team
i just wanna stay far
and live all my dreams
you know
it's in my soul
rise up and when i sleep
i'm from the bubblegum bottom
now i'm high top beam
take a picture ‘fore i leave
i ain't scared to be me
i do me
just do it
just, just (yeah)
this beat crazy, right? (yeah yeah)
y'all know i live a crazy life
hehe one time (like this, yo)
they ain't on the sh-t i'm on
they don't do the sh-t i do
they don't got no place to go
me i got sh-t to do
you can catch me on the move
in all these different shoes
tell me when y'all all the same who is different
to chuck taylor's fade
and i wore em in the swimming pool
standin by some champs
you would feel like you winnin too
they just want their bikes fixed
workin on their inner tubes
easy on the songs
and go crazy on the interludes
who are you to ridicule sayin they just tennis shoes
you wouldn't know a tennis shoe if you played tennis
please pay attention
my feet up in the livin room
i'm sittin on the couch and i watchin what i want
and you be watchin me so you be watchin what you want
but that ain't how we do it
you gotta tie 'em up
and i'm a sucka for bums they always get me
ask for fifty cent, but i rather give em fifty
just do it (yeah yeah)
this beat crazy right (yeah yeah)
y'all know i live a crazy life

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