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Offset - Playing For Keeps MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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durel did the beat, i'ma rock with it

[verse: travis scott]
they got law
with no drawers
curt frost, n~gga
waterfall, uh
she my dawg, yeah
slidin' right with the dawgs, yeah
popped em' all, yeah
keep the hundred k in the jaw

[verse: offset & travis scott]
she playing for keeps (keeps)
she gon' ride, she gon' ride with the keys (ride)
told her stay with the heat (stay)
for the pot, gotta watch for the thieves
she pop off (off), f~ck you while i'm lookin' through the lock, yeah (hey)
take a n~gga off, yeah
take 'em while i'm hoppin' in the cars, yeah (hey)
[?] (clean)
shawty cook the brick way faster (cook it)
glass house, livin' in the castle (class)
gotta lot of drip on the ankles (drip)
she gon' f~ck you for the bricks, get you [?] (agh)
lightskin, fat ass, shawty dangerous (dangerous)
pretty b~tch, but she raw with the gangsters (gangsters)
pull up in the aston martin [?] (skkr, skkr)
patek is a trophy, no banquet (trophy)
god cover me like a blanket (cover me)
i'm the culture, got the blanket (cold, hey)
cash in the vault (yeah)
gang always trainin' on the nawf (yeah, yeah)
ap on frost (ice)
put her on the watch, she like the snow (white)
bust down, ice tray mouth (bust down)
f~ck the whole gang on the house (gang)
you told me you a shooter, no boss (who)
yes, she keep the tec up her blouse (brrt, brrt)

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