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[verse 1]
i'm h-lla inconsistent when it come to some b-tches this a.k.a f-ck me over i'ma f-ck some of her sisters
and this sh-t's already twisted 'cause i f-cked some of her sisters, i opened it up, d-cked in, and i stretched it like a gymnast
she said she wanted to end it 'cause she wants us to have friendship, she said that via text and that's h-ll of a way to end sh-t
and then i felt silly 'cause i let siri read it to me
it's a bad feeling inside my tummy put some loud to it
express my pain through my music, let the crowd do it
they all like my style because i'm wild foolish
i hit a b-tch with a smile and tell her i'll do the honours of being your bone jumper
ugga ugga, a caveman descended of slave d-mn, who used to grow that weed in the cotton fields n-gga amen
brought my grandparents greats used to wake and bake, so for them, i'ma take a [?] to the face
you scr-pe, you scr-pe

yo, what's good?
oh so now you wanna answer the phone? where the f-ck have you been in?
i've been waiting on yo' -ss, where have you been?
don't even answer that 'cause i don't want a godd-mn answer i'm over this sh-t now
i was waiting on yo' -ss last night, in the house, in the bed [?]
f-ck that, and f-ck you, and f-ck everything you're about, you ain't ever gonna be sh-t, you ain't sh-t 'till the day you die n-gga your momma ain't sh-t, your daddy ain't sh-t, your uncle ain't sh-t your auntie ain't sh-t, your whole family ain't sh-t

[verse 2]
typical night, invisible white, my visions entice my delights [?] the f-cking lights
and salt's getting thrown like rice after the invite
so the join of two beams you ain't feeling what i'm seeing so i'm leaving
and i won't leave with no f-cking demons, so i'ma place all my sins on the d-mn table, in front of god and whoever able to see the fables i created
lies, imagination, and hatred
death to making love, without really actually love making, faking it just to get you naked, flexin' and flakin'
i'm a filthy n-gga face it, but not just too complex to f-ck with someone basic, that's a overstatement

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