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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: jordxn bryant]
father forgive me for my sins
forgotten bout me for so many years
so many ls i can guess the reason why i ain't in xx
complex why i'm coppin' doves for less
my n-gga is the source there's love for that
light a [?] i'm levitatin'
gravity's a b-tch my ankles gettin' grabbed by satan
d-mn i need a change of scene
my vibe on f-ck a magazine
my n-ggas know this more than just a dream
i'm more than just a king it's more than just a name
i don't even want the f-cking fame
i want my fam to be more f-cking fortunate
so no handouts i want the hand now with the motherf-ckin' torch in it
uh, to many blues not enough yellow women to tell them that green coming soon, greed coming too, seas coming too
family members i can't remember them coming in june
but they present now who the peasant now
could have been the one the ville never found
could have packed 2s
if i did would you still come around


[verse 2: hollywood jb]
hold your head up high
why we hide our pride behind that camouflage
why we think it's okay to live life in disguise
why we look to the skies
why we construct our demise
better put more faith in your god
i really need to talk
aye yo god, when we gonna spark in the…
why said i'd try, i said swear to
he said you swear to me then don't lie
imagined if you worked as hard as you've cried
can point you to the stairs but it's on you to climb
to the peak
i'm anointed when i speak
that's what kept me out the streets
kept my enemies at my feet
kept the devil under me
everything i want is right in my reach
so close i can raise a toast on every coast on every beach
let's set sea
it's only
to see us succeed


[verse 3: j.i.d & hollywood jb]
never said this sh-t was easy so make sh-t make sense
i make sh-t, shape shift, makes swift movements to sink ships
or bandwagons i view the world i gotta have it
in my palms i can write a song, write a song
revolutions coming right along
i seen it, i dreamed it, can taste it
i see the look on n-ggas faces
i never look but they adjacent
so things off safety, on my waist
enemies close kinda like this .38
years older basic k!ll a n-gga round
try it sometime, write easy rhymes, i lose sleep
daily, daily, nightly, nightly
hope the doctor doc don't try and fight me
strike of lightning when i write enlightening
para tu, para you, pair of these for your girl and your main squeeze
please ms. thing, don't bring drama to my scene
j.i.d para tu i sing, and as for you
i never said i couldn't do
so i does as should you, para tu
the weed burns so slow
so, so slow as for you i pull two
para tu para tu

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