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Gucci Mane - Tone MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

it's gucci
huh yeah yeah
mike will
trap god
it's gucci

[verse 1: gucci mane]
i'm in a rolls royce in the backseat
pull up to the club i'm just one deep
its gunplay if a n-gg- jump me
cause i'm an og just like bun b
rip to pimp c rest in peace
ceo gucci call me easy f-ckin e
glock forty in my ree's i'ma keep it g
half a pound in my briefs cause i like to chief
i'm discreet but i'll serve you right in front the street
and you a liar saying the fbi is watching me
i'm a mob guy you think i come from italy
i got a 458 and its sicilian

i'm tone round a couple
2 bad b-tches thick mothaf-ckas
i got cash with me
tone round a duffle
i got a strap with me
tint with the m-fflers
who wanna strap with me
gucci brought the muscle
i don't tussle with these n-gg-s i'm a hustler
i got them bands on me
tone ya too long bruh
gotta man up it's time for you to stand up
run up ya bands wit me

[verse 2: gucci mane]
if ya girl chose the plug she's a real smart girl
you a strug i'm a plug it's a real cruel world
she's a real cool girl
blowin strong with the goons
baddest b-tch in the room but she wouldn't clip her wool
i'm sippin rum with ya mom fresher than you hittin the prom
imma f-ck her till she c-m
get her sprung
hit the bong
she in love with my swag
i'm in love with her tongue
fell in love with her esophagus
i swear her head the bomb
if i stood on all my money
i'd be taller than lebron
and my top keep dropping back just like the hairline on lebron
call me uncle when you see me cause i used to f-ck your aunt
had a threesome with your mom now you look just like my son

(bands wit me bands wit me)

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