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Gucci Mane - Skirt MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook: plies]
you a real tall gl-ss of water
just looking at you made me thirsty
oh lord shes the preacher's daughter
but still i want her in the worst way
she shouldn't have came her in the first place
special occasion it's her birthday
i swear to god i'm glad i caught her
come blow the candles out baby

[verse 1 plies]
ok, ok, ok, animal ok, ok, glamorous ok, ok
she's the preacher's daughter, but i'm a ghetto star, ok
she ain't going nowhere(why) because i just beat her raw, ok
hooked her on the first shot, kareem abdul-jabbar, ok
i let her play khloe, i just play lamar, ok
she just hit my cell (why) cause she done left her bra, ok
i, i, i got her on quavo
got her with her shorts off, looking at her vajayo
driving with my fingers crossed hoping i don't go to h-ll
i, i, i got her rolling
i, i got her losing focus

[hook: plies]

[verse 2: gucci mane]
she like a devil with her red dress
i wanna get her in my incents
and plus i was just too fresh
she was flirting getting too fresh
she the preacher daughter on the alter
but, i spoil her like her father
i school her like a toddler
she with gucci, so don't bother
i go harder and grind harder
i ride hard as she loving my persona
the aroma, a kush ammonia
it's what she smells and i can't keep my hands off her (its gucci)

[hook: plies]

[verse 3 plies]
red plus she bowlegged her cherry no pit, yea
caught on the six yep for later on the six, yea
one thing i can say about her, shawty takes the stick, yea
she was greener then a motherf-cker now i got her talking sl!ck
she get it from her momma, all in the hips
i love walking behind her, so i can see her twist
i think i hit her kidneys the last time i ripped
i felt kind of bad though, so i left her a tip
her becky on steroids, that's little momma gift
she don't like to drink it strong though, so i just let her sip
4 o'clock in the morning, that liquor had me stiff
but that's my little baby she know how to make a grip

[hook: plies]

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