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Gucci Mane - 1017 Brick Squad The Movement MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: gucci mane]
my house so big, we playing where's waldo
me and your b-tch playing hide and go d-ck
[?] she my ride or die b-tch
if a n-gga catch [?], he gon die right quick
if them cops go past, hit the g-ss, and i'm outta here
m6 beamer like a jet without the landing gear
[?] like a jewlery store, it's gucci
[?] buying new sh-t
i act stupid, so b-tch go get me a tooter
your daughter is a snotter, so i give the throat game to her
i'm a monster eating lobster and pasta, cause i'm a g
[?] she like to swallo, cause she a freak

[verse 2: frenchie]
they say frenchie flexin, yes
it get hotter when i fire, brick squad bring the pain
come at us, why bother, n-gga?
step up, come harder, n-gga
[?], i'm your father, n-gga
we do this all day, [?]
we coming like b-tter on cornbread
[?] get her home
[?] blowing like a sacksaphone
my shirt i take off
i'm on my grind, like tony hawk on a skateboard
p-ssy never pay for, p-ssy pay me
why you got them dice for? p-ssy n-gga pay me

[verse 3: waka flocka flame]
i'm so iced up when i give ‘m h-ll
quarter brick, 20 benzos, what a n-gga [?]
green chicken team, call it 1017
mix the soda with the coca, i be on the lean
i can fit 80,000 in these 7 jeans
all the shooters, they shoot ya [?]
waka always running things, [?]
mama calling, but i'm working, and them feds lerking
1 2, beat a n-gga flat too
you poison, rat food, strip his -ss nude
for 1 reason, flocka flocka flocka
eat a n-gga like [?], light his -ss up with the k

[verse 4: wooh da kid]
wooh da kid my name, [?]
supersized strap, for all you small fries
first the crack sh-t, you n-ggas stand by
n-ggas can't see like a n-gga with a gl-ss eye
i pull over for my n-ggas on lockdown
fill your [?] make it out, here's a black round
you don't want no pistol play
so icey jack boys, it's a holliday
hood b-tch told me where a n-gga stash
come and touch my pack, i just get right back
better watch what you're saying to a freak b-tch
swerving all around your house, like i'm seasick

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