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Glass Animals - Melon And The Coconut MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

melon and the coconut are sitting on the floor
coco said to melly, i can't do this anymore
everything we're doing just feels f~cking cold
everything we're shooting is just fake b~roll
b~sides k!lling time filler that's all
how did this happen when we were so close?
how did this all go so pete tong?
when it all started i thought we would grow old
living in the city with a baby and a dog
doing school runs in a 4×4
i'd make pancakes and waffles
i could be a stay at home g.i. joe

melly said to coco, “you can't do this anymore?”
one day, you'll see you're f~cking wrong
sometimes b~sides are the best songs
sometimes k!lling time's very fruitful

i know i can't make you younger
i can't stop life moving onwards
i can't hide you from life's horrors
i'm not making you like your father
too much quinoa and online shopping
off~white air force ones in boxes
you're a f~cking coconut, can't even put 'em on
even if you could you couldn't even pull 'em off

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