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Future - Reward It MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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..far, baby, spendin' one check at a time
never count the wins
everything we did was double ten
took me to the ocean, washed my sins away, yeah
balancin' pain and never win, away, yeah
i'm done with bread, yeah, we bleed the same, yeah
d~ck with my enemies, protect the energy
shipped it from italy, it's bigger than a bentley
pulled out the key and they swingin' choppers on ten, speak
pull out the pig, i rolled it up like quincy
i get a thrill from knowin' you not against me
i'm on call whenever you need me girl
compliment my sp~ce, between my heating, girl
got you your favorite outfit, came with these vvs girl
your love came with a stylist, i bought you cc, girls
i put vvs on them [?] titties, girl
crack a dollar accessories, thrift store, girl
you peep a n~gga enemies, you could see ya, girl
you so conceited, girl, i had to reward it

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