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Future - Birthday MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

sp~ce cadet
sp~ce music

[verse 1]
i'm in a whole ‘nother atmosphere
they want my life
they want my whole num, my cash and yeah
i got that sofa on me, uh
and they know everything medusa on me, uh
they got my loafers on my arm
they got my car, they got my heart
they got my love and my pact
they want my toes, they want my nut
they want my love and my at
they got my loyal, they want my press
they know my eyes and my v
wait it don't matter where you from
your from a square like me
you got your wh0re, you got your n~ggas
you got your prozzy, i'm proud
they got your tongue, they want your love
they want your thighs on they thighs
we got these b~tches in my vip
we [?]
they ain't no glitchers, ain't no players, yeah

[verse 2]
you make me want get that pay, pay, pay, pay
i swear i want to take you on a f~ckin' first date
you make me want to cheat the worst way
i want to make it [?] like your birthday
i want to make you feel you worthy
you make me want to get that gang~gang
you make me wanna turn up in the f~ckin' [?]
you make me try somthin' new, ooh~ooh~ooh
and i got mad love for you

[verse 3]
hey, i hope your dreams come true tonight
i hope you dream about it and it come back to life
i hope you dream about it and i come back to life
i'ma make everythin' you dream about come to life
i hope you [?] dream tonight
i'ma make everythin' you dream about true tonight
i'ma make all your f~ckin' dreams come true tonight
i'ma make all your dreams [?] true tonight

i'm done

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