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Dej Loaf - In Living Color Oh Na Na MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

oh na na, oh na na, oh na na
oh na na na

[verse 1: dej loaf]
i had a dream i was so rich
i woke up i was so rich
i grind for it n-gg-s notice
were was y'all when we had eviction notices
when, when i was broke they still noticed me
wishing all my teachers could see the older me
because now i'm living how i'm supposed to be
always been the fliest b-tch low key
beef with my n-gg-s let them blow thee
but they'll tote heat if any body touch me
know some n-gg-s touching number of touch screens
off-white, raf simons for spring
i'm a dog who the f-ck gon' dog me
tell a n-gg- ”get lost don't call me”
you belong with them basic b-tches not me

[interlude: with ad libs]

[verse: 2]
i'm way past rapping about my feature price
i leveled up, what you think it coast?
all wolves around me no sheep involved
different cloth, yeah only when the mink involved
they young and they itching for a reason dog
catch a p-ssy at the light put your blinkers on
i was up, i was feeling like i needed more
i had to cherish what i had before i sent it gone
sitting thinking like d-mn how can i double this
how can i make it trip' how can i flood my wrist
bubble coat, b-tter timbs
in detroit that's the type sh-t we hustle in
play your cards right or get your hand pulled
lil' loaf but she a hand full, and she's hands on

[interlude: with ad libs]

[verse: 3]
mink dragging she's spazzing
i ain't never been flat, can't never let nothing slide or p-ss me
stop comparing 'cause this sh-t just different
please stop gazzing
these b-tches before i attack them, came from the bottom
some days i can not phantom
wen't from the ‘jects to a mansion
took every l came back a champion

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