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Dababy - The Dungeon Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

the same n-gga that took my b-tch, i can't believe he did it
the same mouth they hating with they kiss his b-tch with
and that's the same set of lips they sucked my d-ck with
n-ggas crying on the internet having b-tch fits
and i just sold six pounds at the quiktrip
every time i get some show money, i thank god, n-gga
'cause all i ever did was sell weed and rob n-ggas
and i ain't doing sh-t for free, i gotta charge n-ggas
hope when those haters hatin', they don't got they broad with 'em
yeah, i see you hatin', ignore, go f-ck their b-tch in my jordans
give my baby mama the phone and be like, “baby, record it”
and you rappin' -ss n-ggas, i'ma give you a warning
when you see me, it ain't no talkin', i'm just uppin' the .40
all you talking -ss n-ggas gon' talk, n-gga
'cause i don't talk to lil' n-ggas, i'm a boss n-gga
this lifestyle that i'm living, yeah, it cost, n-gga
we robbin' all the rappers if i take a loss, n-gga
these n-ggas pillow talking 'bout me, never did sh-t
i got a diaper on, n-gga, and i'm still lit
what they gon' do about me, i'm too much to deal with
who you know that could put a pamper on and talk some real sh-t?
and if a girl want it, i could give her some real d-ck
you 'round talkin' crazy 'bout a n-gga and it still hit
pulled it out, put it on her face, i nutted real quick
and every time she come around she act like she ain't did sh-t

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