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Lirik Lagu

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…sh~t (let me pop)
i can't get them haters off my d~ck
you know i drop my nuts when i drop my sh~t (let me drop)
and i'm the type to keep it quiet, don't speak
they'll never know it's me when they block get hit
my mama told me i should go and holler at my brother
(wait a minute, who are you?)
just to let him know we all be having problems and we love him
it's traumatizing you know how we started in the gutter
now i'm chilling with my daughter in the godd~mn mansion
just waiting on a n~gga watching godd~mn cameras
cheat code, n~gga, i'm the godd~mn answer
beast mode, i'ma beat the godd~mn [?]
and i don't really give a f~ck about how you feel, homie
put the alphabet on him, put the ar on him, put the f&n on him
get to shooting on a n~gga, got him godd~mn dancing
yeah, you know i keep the bl!ck with the extension
never folding under pressure, know i love it when it's tension
know i love it when it's questions in my motherf~cking mentions
know these b~tches being messy, need some love and some attention
you n~ggas say i ain't got no flow, they better motherf~cking listen
i be switching up my flow the way i'm switching n~ggas b~tches
i'm a different type of n~gga, you a different type of b~tch
screenshot sending out another n~gga pic
riding 'round town on another n~gga d~ck
leaving all them comments on another n~gga sh~t
your best friend dead, that's what he motherf~cking get
know we lock and shake n~ggas like a motherf~cking pit
n~gga better go and check my background
n~gga lay a finger on me…

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