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Dababy - Rich Stepper MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

baby, probably in a fast car
ridin' with the cap off (zoom)
pull off with a bad broad (bad broad, ooh, ooh)
think of me, out here cappin'
i'll knock you rappers
you gon' have to cap yo ass off and back on that big homie (big)
hop out that b~tch, whip that sh~t on 'em, okay
my d~ck got [?] down, she gon' sit on him (d.a. got that dope)
give them n~ggas a green light, they gon' get on 'em (huh)
red light, green light (boom)
i'm f~ckin' that b~tch in my [?] (let's go)
i hop out with that stick with that beam, like
my partner want see something k!lled, that's what he like (someone die)
so the first n~gga tried until [?]
bit off that motherf~ckin' [?] and knee~high (s~x and knee)
this is a nappy~haired, black, afroed peon (let's go)
i have emotion, i'm [?] like dion
i should throw it, i'll sn~tch from the behind (huh)
look at the fit on him (look at the fit)
go get the tissue, there sh~t on him (sh~t)
lie for me, die for me, k!ll for me (sh~t)
d~ck in the b~tt, though, she l!ck on me (okay)
i told her, “babe, show me you love me” (okay, show me, baby)
“let 'em know out in public” (let 'em know)
“uh~huh, let 'em know why we f~ckin'”
they try me and go down, and know why i'm comin'
yuh, rich ass stepper (b~tch)
white seats, b~tch, that's leather (white seats)
i wanna f~ck her and her friend
all her birds are the same feather
they trot together (let's go)
i'm dangerous, they probably tell you (what they say?)
“don't play with him,” they 'bout whatever (don't)…

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