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Dababy - In My Feelings Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

that ain't dababy, that's my baby

f-ck keke n-gg-
you paid her for the p-ssy, got if free-free n-gg-, huh (free)
i'm the man, my city need me n-gg- (huh)
people all around the country play my cd n-gg- (huh, huh)
i'm a extra special n-gg-, i don't you'd choose to sleep on
run up on me, ge gone
it's hot outside, the heat on
i don't wanna chit-chat, you know i'm really with that
i'mma do it right there, don't gotta get no getback
i'm in and out the airport, i'm always out the city
i got b-tches cryin' for me, i'mma show her like i'm drizzy
like to do my dance on them hoes, yeah, they dig it (yea)
got these other n-gg-s actin' like some hoes, they in their feelings (aye, aye, aye, aye)
don't know how these n-gg-s doin' but it's gravy on my side
you in the car, you gotta have a gun, that's how i ride (ah)
you know that i had to grow some nuts and try you on the timeline (huh)
can't even pay his phone bill, he hatin' on the wi-fi, d-mn (brrr)
you coulda' spent that time with ya' kids
i've been spendin' time with mine, that's just how a n-gg- is
i don't need no recognition, that's just how a n-gg- live
every n-gg- with me felon, i ain't ridin' with no friends
they like the way i switch that
everybody want a piece of me
b-tch i'm a kit-kat, chocolate–ss n-gg-
bring a chocolate n-gg- sh-t back (huh)
i knock a n-gg- sh-t back (huh)
you saw ya' homeboy shoot some
you prolly never did that (hmm)
these n-gg-s be some small fries
actin' like some big cats
before they got hteir first pound
i was sellin' 10-packs
ya' n-gg- need to sit up
i prolly need to sit back
i'm heavy, b-tch i'm big weight
i'm workin' on my six-pack
he in and out the gym now
he trynna get his b-tch back
we front you and you ran out
he trynna get his sh-t back (hahaha)
and that sh-t got you in your feelings
i just gotta be real with ya'

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