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Dababy - 4x MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: dababy]
just got off the phone with my partner
he told me he need three, i told him i got him (ha)
you probably ain't heard how i'm rockin'
i'll beat yo' -ss up, leave my gun in my pocket (yeah)
just went up on my prices, you dig? (i went up)
keep a gun wit' no license, you dig?

[verse 2: stunna 4 vegas]
off the top, i ain't writin' this sh-t (uh-uh)
i keep a glock, i ain't fightin' you (b-tch)
yeah, i'm tryna strike him (come here)
i got sh-t on lock, rikers (on lock)

[verse 3: dababy]
sent the dm, she think that i like her (uh-huh)
i just want some good head, she want t-tles (that neck)
got my music on apple and tidal (ha)
i got the juice like i'm snapple, i'm viral (ha-ha)
she sucked my d-ck for a pic (uh-huh)
i smack her -ss, give her d-ck (d-ck, d-ck)
i'll turn your -ss to a l!ck (b-tch)

[verse 4: stunna 4 vegas]
we hop off the sprinter with sticks
we came for a show, but these rods ain't for show
n-gga do the wrong thing and we endin' his sh-t (on gang)
bruh, hop off the stage then we fallin' (uh)
n-gga reach, is you tryna go viral? (p-ssy)
he get beat to sleep for playin' tough in the club
he won't remember tomorrow (gang)
i'm a real-i'm a real blockstar (uh-huh)
stunna man got the block bumpin' (uh-huh)
my name in the streets like i popped somethin' (yeah)
n-gga play with my name, have the block jumpin' (uh-uh)
your b-tch on my d-ck when i drop somethin' (ooh)
you ain't hit no l!cks, n-gga, stop frontin' (uh-uh)
i ain't tryna lip box
i'm tryna knock him out the frame, stunna gon' crop somethin' (come here)

[verse 5: dababy]
lookin' for his b-tch like he lost somethin' (where she at?)
she wit' me, i got my feet up (ha, ha)
my d-ck on the plate, make her eat up (eat)
he can still get a p, bro, they cheap (ha)
a trapper turned rapper
been losin' my plays 'cause i've been out of town for a week (d-mn)
too busy, i can't pick my phone up (i can't)
don't argue with hoes, b-tch, we grown-ups (yeah)
i walk it out, dj unk (walk it out)
got that fire on me, not f-ck with trump (got that fire)
do my dance on your main, she gon' f-ck
n-gga, play with the gang if you want (yeah)
i'll do a show, get you hit (get you hit)
hundred twenty-five hoes on my d-ck (twenty-five)
i bumped into your swoop, she a goner (she gone)
she wasn't my type of boo, i ain't want her (uh-uh)
p-ssed it down through the crew, here go stunna (okay)

[verse 6: stunna 4 vegas]
uh, bro send that pack off like a punter (trap)
i son that boy like his uncle (b-tch)
he claimin' somethin', we puttin' him under (come here)
we beat down his block like some drummers (wham)
no thug, i'm really with gunners (slime)
ayy, i'm in her mouth like a sucker (ooh)
i use her face, i won't nut on the covers (thot, thot)
four times, these b-tches love me (four times)
see me with dababy, now they wanna f-ck me (gang)
and if i do, b-tch, you lucky (ooh)
ha, i bet he gon' die if he touch me (wham)

[outro: stunna 4 vegas & da baby]
four times, four times, four times
pop your sh-t, n-gga, pop your sh-t, go ‘head
four times
pop your sh-t
blank blank
pop it
blank blank
pop your sh-t, talk your sh-t
yeah, hottest young n-gga doin' this sh-t, b-tch (b-tch)
four way, you get this sh-t the glo way
hallway, rundown, god way, grahh
that's why i f-ck wit' n-gga
that's why i f-ck wit' that n-gga right there
he gon' pop his sh-t, you hear me?
huh? huh?
real talk, i'm the best motherf-ckin' rapper, stunna the best young n-gga rapper, b-tch, we takin' over
blank blank

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