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[intro: future & young thug]
wheezy outta here
tsunami warning
spider, s~x
yeah, yeah (woo), yeah (woo), yeah
yeah (yeah), yeah, yeah (yeah), yeah

[verse 1: young thug]
the price i want for a show, you ‘gon need three promoters (woo)
i got the body from jamelli's, but i had switched the motor (skrr)
i got these bad ass b~tches riding 'round this b~tch and they all the coldest (yeah)
i just told her make a store run (yeah)
i just bought all the trojans (yeah), yeah (yeah)
i told her stay out my mentions
i told her stop telling them what you seen and told him [?]
i told her shе had a right to the team [?] to the lеft
lamb chop, i just pulled up with some food
i pulled up, louis vuitton on my shoes
showed her two million cash in [?]
plenty watches and i'm still [?]
i had came up out the trenches, [?] bodies like boosie
she say she [?] coochie
[chorus: young thug]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ski
yeah, yeah, ski, yeah, yeah, let's go
b~tch got a backwood on her nightstand, she must be f~ckin' with gunna (yeah, yeah)
i f~ck with slatts and we come with these racks and i came with some f~ckin' piranhas (yeah)


[verse 2: gunna & young thug]
…she feel a [?], she got hit at the [?]
i'm feeling a ‘lil rich this week, [?] my family, cannot be cheap
i [?] fn on me
[?] and [?] glock [?]
[?] s~xy, you locked in
roll in that coupe with the [?]
[?] football cleat
[?] 4 door [?]
count up the [?] and you know what i need
stay underneath so we hard in these streets (yeah)
i'm in new york counting shmoney (yeah)
ain't the slime man, but i'm stuntin' (yeah)
wunna, these thots wanna love me (yeah)
but i can't do no lovey~dovey (woo)

[chorus: young thug & gunna]
yeah, yeah (woo), yeah, yeah (ski)
yeah, yeah (ski), yeah, yeah (let's go)
b~tch had an ash stain on her jeans, i know she f~cking with thugger (yeah, yeah)
i f~ck with slatts and we come to eat racks, and i came with some f~ckin' piranhas (yeah)

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