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Young Thug - Its Ok To Cryrip Pooh MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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it's that, it's that [?] (yeah, baby)
yeah, rip pooh

it's ok to cry, yeah
it's ok to cry, yeah (hee, hee hee)
it's ok to cry baby
[?] when it's time to rise baby
big [?] ap beside me
deep down, i really hate homage

[verse 1]
early morning cries with the guys
laughing about us ducking homicides
they say what makes you laugh, it'll also makes you cry
they say what let you live, it'll also let you die
i travel with the stick, 'cause i seen murder in my eyes
devil hunting on me while a n~gga tryna strive
i had ran it up then i helped him with his trial
even going 11 and i still take care his child
money on my head
say you home cause there's money on my head
we don't talk but i just know that you my man
n~gga play with you, ‘gon leave em where he stand (yeah)
rose gold roses on the casket ain't nun romantic
i k!lled the…..
my family…..
it's just a cold world, i'm pull….
try think of myself but i was only staring
i've seen ghosts baby, it was at my shows baby
i done took a live and it driving me crazy
she just want her coke baby
she ain't trying her nose baby
she trying to settle down, she rather run around
i had a talk with the devil and it didn't go right
i keep my phone on silent no need no …
have you ever woke up to a call that said he died last night
got me wondering how he is in paradise

it's ok to cry, yeah
it's ok to cry, yeah (hee, hee, hee)
it's ok to cry baby
[?] when it's time to rise baby
deep down [?] ap beside me
these n~ggas wanna see me die

[verse 2]
yeah, all my people die and i can't stand it
i hit the pulpit i'm trying to be the bandit
i rush 'em down myself i don't try to call no ambulance
sh~t it would take 40 minutes anyway
got me taking shrooms and will rise up in my bed
rather keep it cool with the n~ggas …..
just …..
keep my sister with me…..
half a million got my bro … (yeah)

crying sounds…..
my bro, my bro, my bro, my bro
crying sounds…..
momma sorry,…., sorry, i'm sorry
crying sounds…..
sorry, sorry mom sorry mom, mom i'm so sorry

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