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Xxxtentacion - Lunacy MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: sndngchllz]
asking myself, “what's wrong with my head?”
scary motherfucker, i'm a threat (whoo!)
get yourself together, put on your favorite sweater
this is the last time you'll breathe tonight
if you have one request please don't second guess
you have little time left 'till you're gone (whoo!)
you've curved me enough, fell for all your bluffs
i gotta get even

[chorus: sndngchllz]
she thinks my charm is too much for her
or maybe she just thinks i'm ugly (whoo!)
i think that she sees all my weakness
flat-line in her heart by this weekend
she thinks my charm is too much for her
or maybe she just thinks i'm ugly (whoo!)
i think that she sees all my weakness
if i can't have her, you can't either

[verse 2: xxxtentacion]
in the dark, for the right price
if anyone's among us this isn't right
i would drink a fifth, and she would plead the 5th
her body's not to be in sight (whoo!)
blood down your legs, smile through the pain
drugs always seem to tame me
hold up, wait a minute
she gon' throw a fit
tell me, “go home”
but i'mma take her
eat up on her, but her features
honestly, the best of her is gone
i know it now but throw it to me now
girl you showin' out
i'll give it to ya, b-tch (whoo!)
she better throw it out
i got it goin'

[chorus: xxxtentacion]
she thinks i'm too much for her
but maybe she thinks that i'm ugly
maybe if i take that it's too much (damage done)
fuck her and leave her to him (yeah, yeah)

[outro: xxxtentacion]
i am your love-
i won't let you breathe-
i will have you, whether you want me or not

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