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Xxxtentacion - Catch MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
she came to f-ck, it was picture perfect
interpersonal when she texting, guess her heart was hurting
she need attention i'm guessing i didn't get the message
she told me babe i know you miss me why you still pretending
luey love is a fandoming and different colors matching
she leave her house like she went in a f-cking beauty pageant
and when she out she told me she wanted to be an actress
keep the spray in that condo in case a n-gg- actin'
she got some issues she told me her daddy beat her 50
and she tried to stripping but i guess it's went 50
now she f-cks with these f-ckers that just want the dollar bills
f-ck it when this sh-t is real b-tch you know it's real
yeah, never caught them to save a ten
never be inside a quote like it's a f-cking journey
d-mn, call diamond dimony and [?]
20 in their hand in case a n-gg- can chapo
they like see my [?] and that baby bottle
pop in that metro boomin say f-ck it just let the shots roll

f-ck it just let the shots roll

[verse 2]
momma wouldn't stand that baby going jail
momma always wanted baby to going in a yale
40 in that f-nny she hit me straight for ya tail
she don't need a tutor for paying the baby bail
yeah, why selling the macbook
better took his chain if that n-gg- don't want his neck took
and for all my n-gg-s chilling who have my back bruh
saying with that f-nny just waiting for you to act up

[verse 2]
f-ck it just let the shots roll
tired of these b-tches and n-gg- do want the top though
catch a n-gg- slipping and n-gg- and [?]
n-gg- talking funny said f-ck it and light this joint bro [?]
case it, i law and order
tell you a n-gg- you never f-ck with my daughter
and you know i [?]
homie f-cked the wrapping and were pulling up with the shawty
yeah, aye [?]
tell you [?]
always miss my uncle gambling just like casinos
lately i've been chilling i hit up my n-gg- chino

[verse 3]
f-ck it just let the shots roll
looking like khalifa and yeezy mixed with a paco
“who you favorite artist?” i told these n-gg-s i don't know
b-tch you love my music so where the p-ssy and [?]

could it be the way that i'll catch up

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