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Utopia - Sunburst Finish MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ritual dancer spins away
lost in a whirling dervish ballet
musicians playing
out of tune in perfect harmony

traveling down the sandy track
comp-ss in hand, guitar on my back
trying to find the
secret truth inside the pyramid

foxy pharaoh knows all, won't tell
dangerous knowledge locked in a cell
method in madness
ancient logic, never ending mystery

antic-p-tion fills the air
as the natives gather 'round
watching the fiery sun go down
in the technicolor sky
exploding mandala of light
disappearing into darkness
a stunning sunburst finish
shatters the horizon

eye of the sphinx now winks at you
what is he thinking? wish that i knew

wonder of wisdom
far beyond this mortal comedy

wind of the desert blowing strong
mist of the ocean kissed by the sun
tropical splendor
paradise is calling you away

make up your mind, don't make a scene
wake up to find your garden is green
please take your seat onboard
the destination is utopia

echoing across the canyon
hear the song of the gypsy caravan
magical voices in flight

looking for the next oasis
‘neath the glow of the silver-shadow moon
radiant princess of night

stay forever, stay for a while
hypnotized by sight and sound
empty feelings bring a frown
only love can make you smile

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