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Utopia - Selfless Love MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i went down to the river
to see what i could find
i cried out, “this world is not for me
they don't appreciate my kind.”
and the river called my name out,
“i'm afraid you must be wrong.
it's much too shallow here for suicide.
you had better move along.”
and …

selfish love will just bring you pain
but selfless love is never in vain
selfish love will just bring you pain
but selfless love is never in vain
it's never in vain

so i climbed up to the mountain
and i saw my purpose clear
i was just about to take the leap
when a voice rang in my ear
“i am just a little mole hill.
you made a mountain out of me.
no man is as blind as he
who will refuse to see.”
because …

i was standing in the city
in the dirty grey of dawn
and i looked up at the sky and cried,
“how can you let this go on? ”
and a voice said, “i know things are tough,
but i'm doing all i can.
just don't tell me how to do my job,
you just wouldn't understand.”
remember …

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