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Tyga - Where Am I MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i travel the world, city to city don't know where i'm a stop
and i wake up every morning . like where am i
where am i
my deadbeat love whate he does for release are kiss and hugs, they offer drugs off to clubs cigarettes smoking some bube
but what he does none above just watching them drunk is fun gotta git buzzed no groupie lobe on the tour bus .
knockin on wood take her to the woodshop pop plenty much .
livin in this fixer up plus the air conditioner sucks .
driver drivin slow hard this tolls slippery roads now i'm just wishin .
i was back at home
i travel the world, city to city don't know where i'm a stop
and i wake up every morning like where am i
where am i
can't getch yo money don't even try i fly by if u look for me i'm in the sky . like where am i

half asleep but still i dream wishin she was next to me but i don't gotta girlfriend tonight mss ouri ashley
she will become lay with me . we can watch some mtv flipping through some magazines.
look it's, me . don't look at me . i'm to bright to see luminous, don't u agree
a man ain't nothing till that man out hustling . gurl tryin to get me busted cleand or something sayin im in trouble . cops lookin for the suspect (what u say) well f-ck em . cuz i
sh-t, we doin a hundred i don't think this prevost is made for it . feelin the three wheel motion any minute bus flip over
and we'll be rollin in the road found dead in oklahoma only hung over so he doesn't notice what's approaching
oh sh-t here comes eighteen wheeler towing . i'm ready to jump out this motherf-cker driver . please let door open
sh-t is hopeless getting closer eyes closing collision notices in the ocean floating where the boats is thank god told at least
genesis 24: 56 don't detain me, now that the lord has granted success to my journey . send me on my way so i may go to my master

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