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Tyga - Westwood Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i got my last kings on; young money all day
weezy home so we gonna do it like dis..


uh; unreal to a close eye
can't feel but you heard that i'm close by

it's more vivid the image embedded in my mind
i look around and really i see a fake smile

no time, when the tickets down
my rolex style; don't mean sh-t now
its just another paycut; my mind made up
unnecessary lay-ups
you can still win; and got a rich and star player

f-ck a hater; still remain-a-self-made uuh
live bigger, credit cards; no limits

i drop 20 on the luggage; took 10 minutes
i don't shop online; those are all gimmicks

only make moves when your hearts in it
big said it; so i entertain like sedgwick?

standin on the trunk; roof top; unit city
batman, spotlight, gotta say you b-tchess

the jokes on you jack
who the f-ck you gonna call when ya sh-t towed, by the repo

can't tell you girl so she the sin n folled(?)
now you getting played like c-sseo's; uuh

casino's, c-notes; and chips like frito's
got a free coat, flyin; heat throat

most n-ggas only know two wordds
like gimme those; haha; still buy em tho

currently ballin so i gotta let you know
flash through the tint; roll the window

tilt the bread (?)
i did; let me see yo registration
i'mma keep it real kid; not just hating

ain't a oppurtunity; i ain't take; close chase
city national bank; evolve into shape
of a dollar; then i duplicate
dont believe? motherf-cker let me demonstrate

i dreamed a motherf-cker tried to k!ll me in my sleep
wants the point to stay; when n-ggas want beef
diss me cuz they hungry; made a meal that you counldnt eat

you f-cking snakes in the rat race; 2 face b-tches
thats why i dont f-ck with none of yall niqqas
cuz soon they all felt what you felt wit em
its like puttin '87 in a bently; n-gga dont tempt me

everything ain't everything


uuh; i look in the sky an di could see my good side floatin away; sellin his soul for some cheap gold

girls choosing us; life on the tour bus; given it up; cause quick fame make you bust-a-nut

though i despise; so black tint; cover my eyes
hoping if i had a daughter; this topic would never be brought up

fame-starters ; turn us all into starers
if one break away; pray the others tag along cuuuzzz

long johns; cold world; w-w-when ya lonely
but now you got popular with 2 homies

friends can't call you cause they say you out the country
but this is what you wanted so you gotta live in the moment

watching every curve foot or roaches on the curb

all they do is hate; thats my f-cking word-word, all they do is hate, all they do is hate, thats my f-cking word

yea; london; uuh; young money; weezy's home!

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