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Tyga - Versace MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

you know i love the versace store (haa)

[verse 1: tyga]
versace, versace, i brought that sh-t back, all these n-ggas they copy
medusa head on me i'm at the hotel, versace palazzo
i rented the yacht for a week, but i bought the convertible lambo
six mill for the mansion
i see haters coming i need some more ammo
these n-ggas g-y that's elmo
so much green i turned camo
some hoover n-ggas on flannels
light light you up no candle
grip on that handle yosemite sam ya, that b-tch bang like a banjo
told my arms dealer no need for a box, i don't read the instructions, i throw out the manual (woo!)
versace, versace, my brother king trell he in a ferrari
i don't look the same, my camera the same, i made too much money (woo!)
paul pierce is my neighbor, i told him he should of went to the clippers
i got some crazy ideas for versace, get them and tell'em my number
versace, auggh pic-sso, basquiat i'm c-cky
23, 15 mill i'm just getting started
pop water my water
i walk around on my wallet
i don't f-ck with saddam but, that's gold all in my toilet
statues of horus, and anubis is polished
i don't got to, rap about, c0ke for you to enjoy it
i'm bout' to join the money team, just holla' to floyd about it
versace, versace, i'm taking my money to the cayman islands (woo!) versace auggh!!

[hook: quavo]
versace, versace, versace, versace
versace, versace, versace, versace
versace, versace versace, versace versace
versace, versace versace, versace versace

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