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Travis Scott - Around Me MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: king chip]

[verse 1: king chip]
cut the lights down low
here comes this walking cloud of smoke
why is he not never broke?
what is this, huh, some kind of joke?
this bag of weed will smoke out six states
i'm king chip, n-gga, ask yo' b-tch how my d-ck tastes
i'm in these streets touring with a pound of trees
smokers always surrounding me
now these b-tches houndin' me, wanna go outta town with me
told this girl i only f-ck two dimes at one time
so she came back with a 9.5, i said “fine”
f-ck it, close enough, open up, let me plug up your socket
keep some weed in my pocket in case you get out of pocket
uh, we chilling by the pool and b-tches wanna get higher
told her my name was chip and she told me i was a liar
i'm hot, b-tch, i'm on fire, she don't even think i'm me
and i really do this sh-t, how the f-ck you think i eat?
it's you and your girlfriend?
cool, it's just me and travis scott
we just need some head we don't ask a lot, haha

[verse 2: travis scott]
twenty drunk b-tches around me
toastin' up, this can't be life
all these b-tches around me
fresh as f-ck, this every night

[instrumental outro]

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