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The Kid Laroi - Codeine Crazy Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

it's dream$team on 'em
yeah, listen

thinking they know me but they are just guessing
you get what you give, yeah that's a lesson
i thank god, life itself is the blessing
we movin' forward, all we do is progressing
feeling like jonas and younger than life
elevating, goin' to new hights
had long days and cold nights
but now it's us, time to see my rights
yeah, i've grown up in the [?], bunch up in a cross
brain never yield, money minimal, of course
every day there's another loss, just a different corpse
just a lil' kid, mom and dad divorced
so the big boy's making money
they weren't doing no jobs
they were breaking laws, i was breaking jaws, [?] at the lambo, suicide doors
so they told me, “stick to spitting bars, or you be like behind 'em”
rise and shoot boy, that be rilin'
corner of [?], where you find 'em
see all i'm tryna do is sell my story
and make a living that's the ultimate glory
you cannot stop me, n0body can rob me
get out of the way, goin' all out like rocky
want to get to the top, keep climbing, keep shinin'
polish us and we a diamond, i ain't lying
we keep going up, haven't broken a sweat, sh~t ain't tiring
we can go for miles and through the pain we be smiling
that's real sh~t boy (that's real sh~t boy)
uh, uh
and that's real boy
yuh (that's real boy, that's real boy)
ya'll already know that this is dream$team
y'all already know

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