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Sleepy Hallow - Anxiety Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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(great john on the beat, by the way)

[verse 1]
we gon' send that boy up, he scared of heights
back on the block, we rollin' dice
girl, if you tryna f~ck, come get this pipe
pop a perc', now i'm back to life
she like, “sleepy, i love how you swervin'”
pull up, back out, we closin' them curtains
blue sky, yeah, i'm crippin', they nervous
move hot, he get flipped like some burgers
get to shootin' for the love of the set
30 knock his head off his neck
lil' b~tch, i'm a dog, never seen a vet
i'm the bomb, take it as a threat
go out with a bang, n~gga, win or lose
b~tches petty, they gon' pick and choose
i don't know her name but she call me boo
let me f~ck, but she in love with you
pull up in a big body, not a coupe
yeah, big body, not a coupe
tell 'em free the gang, let my n~ggas loose
just a young n~gga with the juice
i know what she gon' do, huh
for balenciaga, jimmy choo
my glock got its own rules, huh
he be tellin' n~ggas what to do
this car full of felon n~ggas
i don't bail on n~ggas
snitchin', tellin' what we gon' do
remember we only had one
tryna turn this sh~t into a two
three shots make a n~gga snooze
why you came here? n~gga, for the loot
five hitters up and let it boom
know the six~speed help a n~gga zoom
n~ggas weak, seven days, through
on the eight block, tell 'em come shoot
seen a nine, now he want a truce
stood ten toes, still up in the loop
seen a nine, now he want a truce
stood ten toes, still up in the loop
stood ten toes, still up in the loop

[verse 2]
huh, come get lit
ran off on the plug, we ain't payin' sh~t
new piece, shoot and sh~t hit
chop like bruce lee, sh~t kick
want smoke, come and get it
if it's beef, i don't never dead it
dropped him, he gon' need some paramedics
b~tch bad, but good on her credit, look
f~ck how she look, where the loyalty at?
hit it once, i ain't callin' her back
come f~ck with the gang, but don't get attached
they just in love with me 'cause i rap
i like to count racks in the trap
cops pull up, then i'm right out the back
if you got opps, then you can't lack
no strap, then you gettin' whacked

no strap, then you gettin' whacked
no strap, then you gettin' whacked

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