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Sid - Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[verse 1: sid]
it's young sid dropping monster bombs
on these old harbor lawns
me and juan steady hopping borders just to get caught and sent back to mom
smoke them kush nuggets and then it's on
bust threw with that ak and my turbin going(lalala) sadam hussein
who saying we ain't the d-mn thang
ain't sh-t change
and your b-tch -ss is clapping yes i guess we make it rain
cutting slashes
in the back of -sses
of b-tches we smashing
no questions asking
yes we make it happen
some might call this sh-t raping
i call this sh-t p-ssion
run up with my pack itching and scratching
it's just me and my pack of uhh f-ck it you don't need to know us
just don't see me in a dark alley cause b-tch i'm dracula
chop ya up
in the blender and throw your -ss in the aqueducts
i just want money, b-tches, p-ssy i don't ask for much
oops i forgot my weed
i need that green i bleed that's greed
sniffing blow got me bout to sneeze
ahchoo please
hop off these
f-ck your b-tch and now she to attached always wanting to touch
all i wanted was a nut bust the i put so much nut in her gut till her gut bust
then i kick her to the curb in the rain and let her turn orange like rust does

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