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one, two

yes, you can take that to heart
it was meant to sit close to the bone anyway
you can make it a big issue
make it a battle of your own and that's ok

you can feign a distant familiarity
say you understand the similarity
think you see me with great clarity
but you're actually not necessarily

only if you steal my shadow, will you truly know

yes, you can call that a start
it was meant to begin kind of slow anyway
yes, your deceit is an art
i knew you would sink kind of low anyway

you say you have the best intentions
you fill me with fickle suggestions
logic is fired by inventions
but your concern is much more than you mention

only if you steal my shadow, will you truly know

you say you're in my situation
you say you've been confused by my complication
you think my soul makes negotiation
but you don't see my hesitation

only if you steal my shadow, will you truly know

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