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Shawn Mendes - Beleive MP3 dan Lirik Lagu


Berikut adalah lirik lagu Shawn Mendes - Beleive dari Shawn Mendes. untuk download lagu ini scroll sampai akhir lirik.

Lirik Lagu

[intro (x8):]
i believe, i believe, i believe, hey

[verse 1:]
everest is only a mountain
a pyramid is just a shape
doesn't have to hold you back
doesn't have to pin you down

let your dreams take flight
and your heart ignite

did you know that it's true
everything is possible
it's nothing we can't do
it's a wild and beautiful fire
and i believe in you

i believe, i believe, i believe, hey (x4)
cause i believe in you
i believe, i believe, i believe, hey (x4)

[verse 2:]
don't be afraid to be who you are
just dream out and shout and follow the stars
forget about the past that it's over
we are the young ones our way is forward
who keeps tabs on stupid mistakes?
we all mess up but that's just the way
we learn how to get back up
we learn how to turn the page

[pre-chorus] + [chorus] (x2)

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