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Saweetie - High Maintenance MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

uh, what you need girl? i need a hot boy
six foot with six figures and a big toy
heard he moving weight down south to chicago, illinois
and he need a college girl to account so i employ
cause i'm a 5 star chick doing 5 star tricks
give him gifts all the time, i love his 5 star-
want a man with big, big bucks, money longer than my weave
my hair cost a lot, i'ma need a couple g's
not a playstation, so do not play with me
'cause i will black op a n-gg- who don't gain with me
see i'ma rider but nah i ain't a die
'cause i wouldn't take a bullet for a n-gg-, that's a lie
and that's word to my mother, she the filipino queen
and she h-lla high maintenance, i'ma get her what she need
that's some bling, that's some rings, man that's all on me
clear her closet out and take her on a shopping spree

that's right

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