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Rxseboy - Despise Me MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i want your eyes
one a silver plate
and your lungs
don't hesitate to breathe
i will absorb you
watch the bugs as they swarm you
i only adore you
i will absorb you

despise me
despise me
despise me
despise me
just a tip from the dead sequioa tree
i'm sorry
i think so violently

thomas reid:
our lips met and it felt like a snake bite
i wonder if you miss me late alone in the nighttime
the earth rotates and your love runs past me
you threw my heart away, i'll pick it up if you ask me

now i'm falling falling
but i'm never calling
even though i want to
you were my home to run to
but this home is broken
god, wish i could focus
memories we share now embers burned above us in the air

turned to a mockery
what do you want from me?
body on top of me
can you get off of me
hate your reflection like i hate myself
and i hate my reflection i was i was somebody else
you look at me like i'm something you need
i think that you're into making me bleed
i see bones, i see daggers all pointed at me
fell the pain while you torturing
gouge out my dreams

i don't get intimate
vibe getting sinister
i run away like a cold~hearted criminal
all these subliminals go to my conscience
i'm falling deeper is this what you wanted?
is this what you wanted?
memories haunt me
that's why i'm cautious
i let my gaurd down
you took advantage
evil inside you i don't understand it

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