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Rxseboy - Conscious MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

she crawls on me like centipedes
and tries to be my centerpiece
she heavenly, but acts like everybody else who's dead to me
i call her out like referees cuz she ain't got respect for me
she's calling me a mutt well b-tch just come and check the pedigree

a purebred mastermind
talk to you to p-ss the time
you say i try to act divine
god tier status ratified
i had to fly away, from all ya stress, cuz it just adds to mine
got thrown into a padded cell, and now i wanna rap until my mind is unraveled
im getting thrown under gravel
feel like i'm drowning, cuz i sunk the boat and snapped all the paddles
i got a habit of reacting when i'm losing the battle
these women acting like babies, they ain't playin with rattles…
they just toy with my emotions
don't know how i'm still coping
they took my heart and ripped it open
filled it up with commotion
they tried to say i was hopeless
and said i wouldn't be focused
but i'm more focused than ever
and i don't care if they notice

cuz they'll see me on the top when it's over
i only write like i'm chosen
she'll spend the night for some closure
we in the bed getting closer
now she turning away
she said i hate you the most
i said then why are you here
she said like i don't know i thought my thoughts would just disappear
i said you're messing with my mind but this might help my career
she said well baby i don't really understand what you mean
i said don't worry bout it, just don't hit me back when you leave

over time i know this happens to me
a bad situation helps me go and rap to a beat
i need a plaque on my wall
ain't going back to the streets
i got emotionless thoughts
yea that's that capital st–z

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