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Rico Nasty - Brcks Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

my b-tches is so ratchet i swear they should automatic
if you come out here talking shit my b-tch gon' let you have it
i scale it then i bag it, they ask me why i'm taxing
i said baby boy you maxing, ay
i keep the mac on me, no make up
i see that you hate cause you ain't us
these n-gg-s is fake, i don't trust 'em
he think that it's fate i don't love him
moving away like an og
i'm a young n-gg- cool with the ogs
yes i'm little but act like you know me
i get stupid, it's back to the old me
and b-tch i got bars like a precinct
this rap shit is (?)
you silly hoes is weak links
please don't try it
seen your dude text my phone and i ain't replying
cause that n-gg- broke, don't deny it
you're not on my level, stop trying
all my b-tches ghetto, we wyling
spending money, foreign countries, b-tch you see we stylish
you hating -ss hoes, man i swear you so childish
all you n-gg-s childish
and your money ain't long
free wop, send all my real n-gg-s home
free ant, free rome, free zay, free woody, free shawn
like i said bring all my real n-gg-s home
i'm screaming free all the dope dealers locked up
all these gold diggers
all these stupid maggot b-tches wanna eat up all my riches
smoke up all my drugs then they claim it's all love
baby girl this ain't tlc, i ain't no scrub
you either get the f-ck out you throw a couple dubs
like what? you think you cute shit
well you can get the boot b-tch
all white bricks, all white girls
off tan bricks hidden in my spanish girl
ring-ring-ring pesos calling me
wait let me grab my keys
get it? i said grab my keys
he don't even want the key man he said he want the lean and
he said that he laying low, i said “so why you calling me?”
you hot boy, he hot boy, you hot as shit
don't be calling my phone because the feds watching
he said it ain't like that then i said “what you mean?”
then the feds pulled up, they was looking for me

free gucci b-tch, ay

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