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Pooh Shiesty - Switch It Up MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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…with the track

just sit back, see how i play it, shiesty switched it up a notch
let the dope cook on the stove, we turn the eye down, watch the pot
1017 'round my chain so i tote the same ‘mount of shots
palm angels, denim hoods and these pockets keep growin', ah
and i ain't had sh~t when i got out, had to snake my way to the top
left two men down, we got 'em shot, brrt, brrt, switched out the glock
mug around me, get you popped, i treat everybody like opps
we move with flip phones and pagers, ‘causе them iphones get sh~t lockеd
my operation too major, i pose 'cause the feds watchin'
buy firearms and narcotics, do first~degree boys and robberies
had these rollin' backwoods of the dead opps, i had to squash it
double cup filled up with wocky, that medicine in my body
i signed a deal and went and bought a p, put the vacuum seals in my projects
you wanna order up a hunnid? sixty bags of 'em was garbage
you know i'm slimy as it get, i got outta here with a [?]
and no i can never put up my fire, that's a never, not even probably
since a youngin' big sh~t poppin', since truey joggers and robbin'
we backseat n~gga for flossin', leave his head…

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