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Lirik Lagu

(feat. pink)

ha ha.
ohhh oohhhhh
yeah yeah.
are you ready
for pink and cuban link?
are you ready?
ohh oooh.

[chorus: pink]
it's pink and cuban link.
this is the club with a latin swing.
so if ya with' it baby
blaze up a blunt
drink till your drunk.
ain't no rules
where we're from.
do your thing.
play how you want
it's pink and cuban link
cause he be shinin' like a diamond ring.
now we be bringin it straight from the bronx
drinkin dom prignon
till six in the mornin'
there's a party goin on!

[cuban link:]
yeah, yo mommas be lickin their lips
lookin as if they wanna give me a kiss
shakin' their hips
i'm so good that they be givin me tips
is it perhaps
that they think i'm really handsome and —-
or just the fact that i'm latin
and i'm packin the —-
no matter what it is i'm with' it
don't be actin' shy or timid
if you want it i'm-a give it
no gimicks and sky's the limit
baby, don't stop
get it, get it
pump that —–
lemme hit it
if you with' it
admit it i don't talk it i live it
give it a minute
and i'm already half way there
there's isn't still not a player
with your — in the air
takin your underwear's off
cause i just don't care
dead in the middle of the dance floor
naked, oh yeah
take it and get it
cause the rhythm got you shakin' your rear
you got a glare
like you haven't been
—ked in a year
touchin' your hair
while i whisper
sweet nothins in your ear
love champagne
but i'd just rather
guzzle a beer
come over hear, honey
cause you ain't got nothin to fear
get somethin clear
i'm a player
but you can trust me dear
so look it here
if there's a party
mami, meet me at the pier
we can stay in manhattan
and have a p-ssionate affair
yeah, yeah


[cuban link:]
new york city;
where the thugs out
get the snub tucked under the gut while
i'm in the club
in a tuxedo gettin buffed out
'nuff clout
bobbin' up and down
with the rough style
of a tough crowd
guess i'm buck wild
now it's
uptown's in the house
without a doubt
i'm from the south bronx
i love it when they
put it in their mouth
make 'em shout
shake your body
mami, stick that tongue out
break it down
cuban link is gonna leave you strung out
but no doubt
freak out
we gonna have some fun now
rock the crowd
b-mp it loud
from sunrise to sundown
check the files
i'm a wild dude
loud buddah
pile drive you
just like rau
l i betcha i make you do what i do
besides, boo
people, when they lie, tell the truth
i have you flyin' through the roof
just come and ride it for the proof
it's mr. cuban link, baby
and i'll do my thing, baby
whether the rappin' or singin
in spanish, english or reggae
but baby, baby
mamita, dame un beso asi.
it's all on me
but only if the s-x for free

pink: papi, where do you want me to kiss you at? on your chest?
cuban link: a little lower, baby.
pink: where on your belly b-tton?
cuban link: a lil' on the left. oh that's what i'm talkin' about.

[cuban link:]
non stop!

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