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Partynextdoor - Table For Two MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

a table for two, dinner room with a view
your body's on my menu, let me eat it up
gonna start at your toes till i heat it up
table for two, tonight i'm gonna eat on you
but there won't be no i owe you's
no teasing you, gonna kiss on your lips where it's pleasing you

[verse 1]
come on in, lay the table
it's your body i wanna feast
girl tonight i'll be your waiter
i'm gonna serve your midnight treat
what you like, a little teaser?
enough to wet your appet-te
a little taste of something sweeter
served just the way you like

i wanna taste your world
i want your lips on mine
i wanna pleasure you, anywhere you want me to


[verse 2]
i make you say “ooh” a little more
i think you ready for the main course
a little cream and cherry thing
that i can spread below your naval ring
i work my way down just a bit lower
i wanna kiss your body right
and when you think that it's over
i'll make it last all night



on your lips
gonna make you wanna cream
don't say, “shhh”
taste so sweet
on my tongue
i can feel your sugar walls
here it comes

[hook x2]

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