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One Piece - One Day MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
every time i look at the sky after the rain
i think of the past when i was only a crybaby
i was frantically going after
someone's back
and saying “i wanna become stronger”
now there's the “thank you” the wind faded
can i really become stronger?
i wonder because it seems there's no answer yet
as i thought
i have to go even farther

come on, let's go
never having a break
trying not to lose to the time that p-sses by
i'll face it up all the times that it'll need
because i don't wanna lose anything important

[verse 2]
like an island that floats in the sunset
i'm looking for the tomorrow i cannot see yet
while i falter, even if i'm afraid
i won't drop my eyes on my step
the words of giving up are coming out
but there's only one goal i can't give up on
the overcoming of the happiness and the sorrow
will go on little by little
let's hold up our hands in the endless sky
while i believe in only one future
the time to which i won't return fades
it's ok even this way because i don't wanna lose anything important
the voice that flows here inside me
it's been supporting me all the time
the wicked rain bothers me but
i won't start running away


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