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One Piece - Crazy Rainbow MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

darling, darling

[verse 1]
sailing on the cobalt blue. the clouds float above the sea
hangin' out just me and you, our time is now, and soon you'll see
smile with all your heart as you go past the problems that await you
keep your hopes alive. never look down upon yourself
just cast a magic spell
you will get through

crazy crazy rainbow star!!
twinkle twinkle rainbow star!!
a fast paced premonition
just like the colors from all the rainbow beams
crazy crazy rainbow star!!
come with me and we'll go far
we're just fallen angels
shooting arrows into our hopeful dreams!

(crazy crazy rainbow star!!)
(i'm a crazy rainbow star!!)

[verse 2]
crazy crazy rainbow star!!
twinkle twinkle rainbow star!!
within the cobalt blue…
seven colors will come to our surprise
crazy crazy rainbow star!!
twinkle twinkle rainbow star!!
abandon all your worries
your troubles show through the mirror of your eyes
let me comfort you my love
i'll hold you tight within my glove
we sure are fallen angels
just singing our hearts all out from up above

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