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Ne Yo - You Re A Star MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

all by herself she…
sun is up she's looking down
her tears h-t the ground
they start the fire
he took her heart
he took her smile
and simply knew in the…
that he broken before he ever tried up
i sit back and watch it all
… it's almost night
she's getting smaller every time she cries
i just can't stand to see her tears
and so before she disappears
i think i'm gonna call her overhear


girl you are beautiful
don't let him take that form you
girl you got to know
call me and let me show you
let me ease your mind

but you might…
baby you're a star don't let him… shine
he is… baby dry your eyes
just know that you're a star don't let them… your shine
don't let him

she is so special
worth so much more
than what she know
cause he never told her
and so she cries
he said goodbye
but baby i am gonna be the one
to hold you down
you'll never gonna hurt again
just wanna see you smile right now
stand up and keep on shining
baby if you need


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