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Mykki Blanco - Moshin In The Front MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[cities aviv]
i'm at the edge of the world
who the f-ck can touch me?
i fear no man
n-gga f-ck your judgement

hatin -ss b-tch yeah i f-cked your husband
hatin -ss n-gga yeah i f-cked your cousin
n-gga i f-ck this rap sh-t like yo f-ck a b-tch
mic in my mouth like i'm sucking d-ck (uhhhhh)

n-ggas thirsty for a little bit of fame
well in the southern man up the river first in fang (???)

i'm moshin in the front
moshin in the front
yeah i smell the weed somebody p-ss me the blunt

[mykki blanco]
i'm moshing in the front
wild n-gga kick your t–th out
black metal dude
shirt off, let us freak out
posers in the back
seal em in, no sneak-outs
don't go steve austin of the f-cker (?)
watch em geek out (?)

you might of did it first
but i'ma do it best
i just p-ssed the bar bar bar

it ain't pretty
dirtbag sh-tty
you n-ggas think you're hard
but you haven't met my n-gga cities, get em

[cities aviv]
go watch your ego
moshing in the front
p-ss me the herbal all my n-ggas sell a blunt
like a bull to f-ck you up
stuntin black leather bunks
give a f-ck if you better revolt you out of your leather (?)
and for talking that old sh-t like you better make out
who the f-ck is you
drop and get your team
this time you're out there like you're stupid (?)
introduce you live pit too (?)
before slagga -ss boes
the designer shoe game holder
give a f-ck about what you wear, n-gga
ain't no loosies in my circle only wear knickers
when it come to the botchery
they don't care, n-gga
drop kick circle pit white face on black d-ck
timeless shout out the score
hash out to let rest
because n-ggas they fakin
get trampled in the back
get trampled in the front
shout out to nathan world yeah (?)

[chorus x4]

all my n-ggas in the pit scream [4x]
all my white boys in the pit scream [4x]
all my n-ggas in the pit scream [4x]
all my white boys in the pit scream [4x]

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