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Megan Thee Stallion - Untitled Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

b-tches gon' be mad regardless, so i turn up even harder
they be quick to spread a rumor, i be flexin' spreadin' dollars
they gon' hate me if i'm rich, they gon' hate me if i'm broke
they gon' hate me when they n-gg- gargle my nut in his throat
he so nasty and i love it, bought me vvs and they bussin'
i ain't never had to argue with a n-gg- 'bout no money
i ain't trippin' with these n-gg-s, get lost or get with it
i ain't crying in your motherf-cking honda or your bentley
don't be worried 'bout who i date, just know i been getting ate
every time i throw that -ss, watch them haters take the bait
just because i'm getting change, that don't mean i'm finna change
still a hood b-tch, doing hood sh-t with the gang
he know that i'm a student, he trying to make [?]
he make it hard to get up out the bed when he chew it
these b-tches want to be my partner cause they want the blueprint
talking down on me, i ain't worried 'bout what you did
everybody watching me, they treat me like the new kid
b-tch, ain't no escaping me, i'm still behind your eyelids
the way i beat the beat up, i ain't rapping, this is violence
hoes want a pity party? i ain't got the violin
b-tch, i'm a rapper, yous a motherf-cking actor
all you n-gg-s need to pledge, cause you n-gg-s really cappers
beat that hoe like rat-a-tat-ta

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