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Magic - Hard Times MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

chorus (c-murder)2x
hard times got me trapped in the game
i wanna change, 'cause even thugs need a second chance

i be tryin to make money outta nothing at all
it's hard, 'cause motherf-ckers wanna see me fall
my adversaries wanna see me dead
but i won't let em, all i know is i'ma leave em how i left em dead
i'm a rider, ride til the end
ain't no limit when my bullets start spittin from my mack-10
my next magic ridin dirty in the lexus,up in texas
bout to do a show, representin tru records
they say c-murder got the ghetto on lock down
i'm representin every hood like my hometown
i'll make a motherf-cker feel my pain
if it don't hit me where it hurts, you ain't true to the game
i'm in the studio gettin blowed
and not a chance i'm at the show askin n-gg-s for the indo
and to all my n-gg-s trapped in the game
just remember even thugs need a second chance

chorus 2x

i'm through with being broke and disgusted
f-ck, i can't be trusted
a product of the streets, so i just can't be outhustled
but livin like a b-tch just ain't my lifestyle
hooked up with c-murder, and now i'm livin life thug style
hard times taught me valuable lessons
i keep a smith and wesson
make them n-gg-s feel my presence
if i die, i'm gonna take some n-gg-s with me
but i doubt if you'd try
'cause you b-tches don't have the heart to come and get me
til the day i die, i'm gonna make you n-gg-s feel me
how you gon kill me?
i got my true n-gg-s wit me
f-cking trapped in this game, it's a shame
how many brains i had to obtain by close range
shall i get a second chance?

chorus 4x

a second chance
my n-gg- magic got a second chance
a second chance
c-murder get a second chance
all my true n-gg-s get a second chance
a second chance
all my thugs get a second chance
hard times got me trapped in the game, uhh
even thugs need a second chance
hard times got me trapped in the game, uhh
even thugs need a second chance

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