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Little Simz - Full Or Empty MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
oh, i put my life on the line for this life
i wear my heart on my sleeve for this life
waking up from a dream, is this life?
do my words cut deep through this mic?
lately i've been doing a lot more thinking than writing
a lot more finding myself, to be precise
and now i've come to a realisation
that i should create the person to be in this life
people often think that i get too deep
you'd probably understand if you knew me
i've seen my nephew grow within two weeks
still asking god “why'd you choose me?”
i guess i'll work it out in due time, look at the moonlight
i've seen my options, i'm just hoping that i choose right
he wanna know if i've been moving with a new guy
i tell him “do your thing and i'll do mine”
see, this ain't rocket science, this ain't a game, boy
still conveying the same message with the same voice
still applying the same pressure, i ain't eased up
all they talk about is money and b-tches to feel up
what happened to the content? what you saying?
you can tell that simbi isn't playing
everybody's looking for a way in
celebrities looking for a way out
how the f-ck am i supposed to stay now?
came in fully loaded but it stayed down
don't come with the bullshit, that's all played out
i'm about to make the scene lay down
you already know that space with me
i need space, guess space is the place for me
and us

[hook 1]
we look and all we see
signs say follow me this way
i won't hesitate
cause i don't know better, you know
will you lead me down
a full or empty road?
how can we proceed? listen, i won't rush you if you don't rush me but
that don't answer the question, it's like
how can we proceed? i don't trust you and you don't even trust me so
what's the point? this ain't going nowhere

[verse 2]
when it's raining, it's pouring
no umbrellas, we ignore it, still these visions are distorted
don't lose sight of what's important, don't forget it, here, record it
moving forward
last week, i was in a mad race, listen to this
when you're in a bad place or you're happy or whatever
i wish i could control the weather
mind, body and soul was fed up
tryna find my way home with my head up, ain't no pressure
ain't no living life like this
i'm just tryna light my spliff
all praise to the highest
beat made by osiris
age 101 sameness
been ever so patient while intoxicated
lowkey i'm frustrated but i play it cool
they don't have to say it, simz is dangerous
only space age in your playlist
i'm warming up, i tell 'em “you will know when i have made it”
how the hell can you talk about the realest?
do you know what real is? i'm the meanest
everything i do is g*nius
probably cause i reside from something down to venus, oh shit
rain dance on your whole clique
they drop new songs weaker than my old shit
see, i can get a little c-cky when i'm not myself
but i'm still myself, you feel me, hey?
you feel me? hey, hey

[hook 2]
we look and all we see
signs say follow me this way
i won't hesitate
cause i don't know better, you know
will you lead me down?

[verse 3]
will you take me down a full or empty road?
food for thought and for your soul
lord, i'm trying to be good
these demons won't leave me alone
i see you on social networks
still, i won't pick up that phone
cause my pride won't let me hang
yes, i'm ashamed, i know, i know
been on this path for ages, i could barely see the light
check in through the day, i'll be gone by night
then you say i ain't got time for you
making me feel guilty, that's that shit i don't like
man, i'm still about, you see me on my bike
no fake friends, that's not my style
i know my life is changing
where i'm gonna look to when the paps say smile

[hook 3]
we look and all we see
signs say follow me this way
i won't hesitate
cause i don't know better, you know
will you lead me down, down, down?
take 'em, hey
how can we proceed?
how can we proceed? like

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