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Lirik Lagu

[intro : little simz]

and every day gets easier
they get meal they gettin greedier

[verse 1 : little simz]

and ima give it info
every words relaying a syndrome
i'll be getting started with an intro
get my foot in the door with insoles
flyin' out of the window never bin stole
you're more like a storm in most
cases i be takin' it back to basics
you can let me know if you're involved
really, i give you something to love and indulge
for you to respect and then join the impulse
i was tryin to have a conversation with you on a level
but you kept on lying and lying it shows
please tell me the truth and don't prove nothin' to me
i don't wanna hear if it ain't for me
what you're spittin about ain't real when you know it blatantly
i been hearin' other rappers confessing blatantly
would it be the right thing
to do to hide whatever they wanna seek?
in my defense i found it first and finders keepers
but you can have it after i leave
…and dont push me cos im close to the edge
im trying everything in my power so that i never lose my head uhuhu-hu-hu
you know when somethings too funny to laugh at
tryna focus on the jokes in the past
back then i was only tryna study my craft
and now im painting this picture cos i studied my art
and that's real sh-t…
tell me if you feel this…
i'll insert my simz card
invert your whole name
and restart the whole game….ah!

[hook : little simz]

im standing way close enough to the edge
mental destruction is what will drive me off that ledge
when i feel like this i try to remember what you said
and that will always remain in my head
everyday gets easier

[verse 2 : john arce]

so i kick back when i kick that kitty cats
have a kit kat i kick back with a six pack
then kick back with a six pack
kickin' it with kings and queens sit back
sit back on to the throne my minds blown
i kick cr-p kids then kidnap their souls
i got a soul josh arce' the great no saint
but i'm sitting along side the saints
you could say that me and the saints in the same row
we all came for combat i came to come slow for the process
i won't come just to go go josh go go
to the forefront of the show
everyone else just fronts when on show see you're so (?)
its not all your fault im just so dope
the dope, pro i blow snow in your condo
i shakin' up all hope till it blows
i am not a normal anomole normaly though
formally calling me awfully informally oh no
i don't know what i don't know but i do know that i do know that
you are just a mouse compared to pluto
that's me my bars are bigger than mars you're bruno
this is not an astronomy this is all of me
in nothing short of golden
want more of me but this all means

[verse 3 : chuck 20]

man im there to motherf-cking dead you
i won't impose unless im running to the end
cos you alone you are known when you cope for the c0ke and the rolls don't roam too expensful
cos the pay out loans
you was down on the day out rolls
you renounced but the way i spoke
was the way i chose
and you are now tryna take my notes
you and i tryna spit the words a little different
i'de (?) it like a vision
ima have to catch ya before you fall out to the back of living
even like a pack of kittens
looking like you ain't aware of the outside
that's a nightsise to the world wide web
(?) to caught jaws outright put your lights out in that nice house
right now on that nice couch
see you just…sitting there
when a…you aware that its sp-ce age better mind out put your minds out
man i'm lookin' for the way
don't pay me minimum wage
happy to give the minimum a wave
im missing end up wishing on the case
a mystery of the mistress on the lake
the lonely and the brave
ive been looking like im lonelier than john
the conclusions fill me up with rage…everyday its rage
im giving back the page
? to ? you're your body your body is now the cave
there probably would be the body in the grave
only there to build a maze
or show you the right exit of escape
sh-t ain't gonna change, we must have been the only in the case
we must have been the only in the states
lookin for the dreams
lookin for the way to the kes of nice houses
my apologies but you g's can lie down
cos you ain't never seen my approach when im right near the edge

rastaman told me strangers are the friends we haven't met yet
what a mind f-ck
what a way to show me the world is a small place
it works in obscure ways
we…live for the night and do nothing throughout these short days
i'm conscious about…what they will say if i fall
will they respect what i've done? or just byp-ss all that bull
i'll make mistakes and i'll say it cos i ain't perfect at all
up in your head is this knowledge that i came to install
you feel me?
relax your mind boy, be so clear
forget the pride boy, face your fears
look at the time …
its gone past what i will call happy hour
fix up me up a plate of rappers for me to devour
i been, up till late watching breaking bad and eating buiscits
when i got uni work that i still ain't finished
and my priority scatters somewhere up in the distacnce
to much to think about but still im steady blowing on this loud
steady blowing on this loud
up in sp-ce and i ain't ever coming down no no no
i ain't ever coming down no no no
“kinda fed up w/the industry already
like u did this sh-t for me,but still want a percentage”
please don't judge me …
said im steady blowing on this loud
up in sp-ce and i ain't ever coming down no no no
i ain't ever coming down no no no

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