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Lil Kim - Ms G O A T MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

let's smoke some lah, to this mardi gras
i'm the dopest female that you've heard thus far
it don't get no betta, than the trendsetter
got a track for these rats (tryna steal her cheddar)
shake my thing all the boys start to sign
shawty is a ten, think about me in his dreams
nympho manic, head like a brainiac
for those who slept lil' kim is back
and better than before, you thought it was impossible
haters is sick need to check into a hospital
prayin for my downfall like it was a sunday
but it's over, you only get five minutes to shine
now the game is mine
the streets crowned ya girl miss greatest of all time
so follow me and i'll lead you the right way
just sing along to the words i say

dude these chicks sour, getting worse by the hour
and at the same time i'm cakin' up by the minute
but when you sick a ho and i can show you 'bout pimpin'
i'm tryna put you onto game, pay attention
to how to grind, i'm bout a dollar now a dime
i'm color blind, to everything except a dollar sign
bottom line, your career i break up
and take your shine like the feds did to jacob
well well well, i'll be d-mned
i shouldn't have to tell you who i am
but i'm the notorious k-i-m
your flow's got flaws like a chipped diamond
oh yes, i've been watchin you, copy me
my spot's safe, got it on lock and key
i'm who you wanna be, but you can't be who you're not
the first lady g.o.a.t dot

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